Tier 3 Club Pack

Tier 3 Club Pack

Tier 3 Club Pack

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What i’m about: 4 of the most elegant, opulent & complex wines we’re currently head over heels in love with, you deserve it 

Aubry & Fils/Brut NV/Chardonnay, Meunier, Pinot Noir & friends /Champagne, FR 

What’s the vibe? a harmonious, sophisticated & undeniably pretty champagne for all of life’s fancier moments Tastes like walking into an idyllic Parisian patisserie, baked golden delicious apple, marzipan & tangerine oil When to drink after taking the best candid photograph you’ve ever seen of yourself, court-side at a lakers game, literally whenever, just because, you deserve it   Pairs best with caviar (obviously), rose gold everything, a double rainbow on your champagne birthday

Barco del Corneta/ ‘La Silleria’ / 100% Verdejo/ Castilla Y Léon, ESP 

What’s the vibe? a chic, seductive, terroir-driven white, crafted by female winemaker Beatriz Herranz to spotlight the complexity & dynamism of both grape & region Tastes like sea salt in your hair after a day of sailing on the mediterranean sea, honeyed chamomile tea, terracotta dish of marcona almonds  When to drink on a first date with an art history professor, while striding through the magnificent entranceway of an ornate Spanish villa  Pairs best with linen curtains billowing in the breeze, sleeping in unapologetically late, springing for the lobster at a long & decadent lunch 

Marcel Lapierre/ 100% Gamay/ Morgon, Beaujolais, FR 

What’s the vibe? ambrosial yet complex gossamer red from natural winemaking godfather Tastes like the most perfect cherry in the entire basket of cherries, cherry coke made with real cherry coke syrup at the diner of your dreams, graceful & crystalline When to drink playing a board game on a first date; at a classique french bistro; while playing piano, casually resting the glass on its lid Pairs best with monogrammed pyjamas, cary grant’s entire life vibe, breakfast for dinner

Jolie-Laide/100% Grenache /Sonoma, California, USA 

What’s the vibe? vibrant, dynamic new California meets smoooooth old cali complexity Tastes like black liquorice lip gloss, strawberry scratch & sniff, verdant forest, mint leaf When to drink with your, or literally any dad, office dinner party, date night at the kind of steakhouse they’d go to on season 2 of mad men Pairs best with mixing business with pleasure, an art museum at Christmas time, using an oxblood leather day planner instead of your phone

Tier 3 Club Pack