Tier 2 Club Pack

Tier 2 Club Pack

Tier 2 Club Pack

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What i’m about: 4 thought-provoking & off-kilter selections for free-spirited types seeking out new vibes & experiences 

Paltrinieri/ ‘Radice/100% Lambrusco di Sorbara/Emilia-Romagna, IT ALC 11%- 750ml 

What’s the vibe? frothy pink bubbles to put a smile on your face & reawaken the twinkle in your eye Tastes like orange blossom perfume from an old-timey italian apothecary, poached white peach, strawberries & homemade whipped cream When to drink rooftop happy hour, twilight in deep summer, solo apartment dance party Pairs best with thai takeout, messy ponytail and a fresh manicure, all-night phone call with a long-distance crush

Fedellos de Couto/ ‘Cortezada’/100% Mencia/Galicia, ESP  ALC 13%- 750ml 

What’s the vibe? a snarling, grown up & terroir-driven red from rebellious galician wine geniuses Tastes like restorative breeze, atlantic freshness, sour cherry, dark chocolate When to drink cliffside on an overcast day, after punctuating a dramatic goodbye with the swish of a black velvet cape Pairs best with wuthering heights aesthetic, explosive love affairs, steak au poivre

Olga Raffault/100% Cabernet Franc/Chinon, Loire Valley, FR  ALC 14.2%- 750ml 

What’s the vibe? opulent, soul-warming & ageworthy red from an iconic female-led winery Tastes like orange zest & black cherry, late winter herb garden, a hug from a beloved grandparent When to drink after, or possibly during, a wholesome afternoon of tobogganing, any & every holiday dinner Pairs best with watching schmaltzy holiday movies unironically, steak tartare & blackforest cake

Domaine Plageoles/’Terroirists’/Muscadelle & friends/Gaillac, FR ALC 13%- 750ml 

What’s the vibe? a savoury & spicy skin-contact nasty boi to share with your favourite natural wine hypebeast Tastes like looseleaf assam tea, cardamom infusion, dried apricot When to drink post-meditation, post-sunshower, night of a full moon Pairs best with a stack of architectural digest back issues, moroccan tagine, the weirdest stuff you can find on the entire criterion channel

Tier 2 Club Pack