Club Paris Crushes Pack

Club Paris Crushes Pack

Club Paris Crushes Pack

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4 fun & complex wines that we’re currently head over heels in love with. Fit for solo meditation or a special spot at the dinner table, we can’t stop raving about these wines. Trust us when we say, your new favourite wine is in this pack.

Arpepe Rosso Di Valtellina Nebbiolo (2020)

Region: Lombardia, Italy

Grapes: Nebbiolo

What's the vibe? Nebbiolo is always sexy, but Northern Nebbiolo is extra thrilling! This is a lighter & delicate expression (think Burgundy-esque) from the steep slopes of Valtellina (which feels more like the Swiss Alps!); bright tart cherries, perfumed alpine herbs, spicy star anise, firm tannins meets high altitude freshness. So special and should be drank now for guaranteed romance.

Azul y Garanza ‘Naturaleza Salvaje Clarete’ (2021)

Region: Navarra, Spain

Grapes: Garnacha & Garnacha Blanc 

What’s the vibe? Garnacha Noir & Garnacha Blanc together at last (and they make the cutest couple)! This is a fun & fresh co-ferment that's grown in the largest desert in Europe. Notes of soft rose petals, juicy red fruit, a fridge full of ice tea, kool-aid & fruit punch juice boxes. Super light & juicy with subtle sneaky tannins. Is it a dark rosé? A light red? Who’s to say… long as it’s chilled and in our glass.

Bodegas Albamar 'Pai' Albariño (2021)

Region: Cambados, Rías Baixas, Spain

Grapes: 100% Albariño

What’s the vibe? One of the purest expressions of Cambados’ terroir, ‘Pai’ gives the structure that we look for in an expensive Chardonnay. Notes of soft beeswax & aromatic herbs, a touch of luxurious oak balanced with generous refreshing citrus. Perfectly balanced with an oily texture, round body & Atlantic acidity (the vines are literally feet from the ocean!). It’s a fresh & salty treat to pair with the tallest seafood tower (or a shrimp ring will do).


Vincent Caille 'X Bulles' (NV)

Region: Loire Valley, France

Grapes: Melon de Bourgogne & Malbec

What’s the vibe? From the western edge of the Loire valley comes a stunning traditional-method bubbly. Notes of peach candy, salty ocean sea spray, fresh raspberry, aromatic cherry blossom, zippy acidity with luxurious minerality. So crisp & clean, it is the bubbly we reach for when shucking oysters.

Club Paris Crushes Pack