The Club

Artfully & thoughtfully curated wine boxes, pre-packed in groups of four. For when you want to drink the finest natural wines the city has to offer but simply don’t have time to google a thousand wine grapes & try to remember the name of that bottle you loved at Paris Paris that time you were here three months ago… we’re here for you. What’s the club? A small team of talented & progressive sommeliers- who you may recognize from nights out at your fav neighbourhood wine bar - have hand-picked the kind of wines that you can’t forget, wines that stand out from the gallons of boring pinot grigio you’ve been forced to drink your whole life...wines that impress themselves upon you, dynamic & thought-provoking bottles from forward-thinking producers . We like wines that drink like stories & experiences, little-known grapes & regions that have the potential to wow you. Whether you’re after something easy & refreshing, wild & weird, or fancy & complex, red, white, pink, orange or bubbly- we’ve got it.

Club Packs

Select from 3 tiers of packs pre-selected for you!
That Special Spark Pack, $150.00
Club Paris Crushes Pack, $240.00
Power Couples in Wine Pack, $270.00